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6 Easy Ways to Start a Meditation Practice

Starting a meditation practice is not as easy as sitting down and staying "Ohm". Most people actually find sitting still for any length of time very difficult.

However, the benefits of meditation definitely make it worth trying (think lowering stress and anxiety) ... just remember it's practice, and as with everything, when you practice you get better ♡

Here are a few things to try and get you started:

  • Sit or lie down so you are comfortable- this will help limit distractions of having to adjust your position.

  • Find a space with little distractions- I know for most of us this can be difficult, maybe try your meditation first thing in the morning before everyone wakes up, or right before bed.

  • Set a time limit- for a beginner this time limit could be as small as one minute. I recommend trying to start with 5 mins of uninterrupted time. If this doesn't work for you, or you find it too difficult that's ok, try a smaller increment. Remember this time is for you!

  • Close your eyes- closing your eyes may help you become more present and decrease the risk of visual distractions.

  • Breath naturally and focus on this breath- another way to become more present in your practice.

  • Watch when your mind starts to wander, and it will!- Meditation isn't about having no thoughts, it's about realizing those thoughts, acknowledging them, and letting them go.


And after all that if you want to say "Ohm" go for it!

I hope this helps start your very own mediation practice♡

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